♦ The School hours are from 8.30 am to 12 noon for Nursery and 8.30 am to 2.10 pm for KG to Class X. Pupil(s) must be in the school premise by 8.30 am positively.

    ♦ To acquire greater knowledge of English, only English language should be spoken in the premise of the school.

    ♦ Irregular attendance, habitual want of leave, insubordination, any kind of cheating or serious misconduct in and outside the school or any habit or misbehavior objectionable to the name and fame of the school are sufficient enough to dismissal of a pupil from the rolls.

    ♦ No book / periodicals / newspapers of objectionable nature shall be brought into the school premise.

    ♦ Pupils will be responsible for the safe custody of their books / belongings. Ornaments and jewellery of any kind are not allowed to be worn during school hours and in the school premise.

    ♦ To prevent loss of articles-umbrella , raincoats , tiffin carriers , bag etc. should be marked with the name of the child.

    ♦ Any damage to the school property should be made good by the pupil concerned.

    ♦ Every child attending the school is to take part in the extra curricular activities as a part of their civic training and no one is allowed to abstain from physical exercise except with Medical evidences.

    ♦ Parents / Guardians are not allowed to see their child / children or interview teachers during school hours.

    ♦ Transfer Certificate will be issued only after 2 days of the receipt of application by the office and with all dues / fees clearance .