Time Schedule and Weightage

First Term (40%)

  • FA I- April to July 10%
  • FA 2- July to Sept. 10%
  • SA I- End of Sept. 20%

Second Term (60%)

  • FA 3- Oct. to Dec. 10%
  • FA 4- Dec. to Feb. 10%
  • SA 2- End of March 40%

Since we have only second term in hand, we will take the 40% weightage from WT I and Mid Year Examination.
FA 3 includes :
1. WT 2
2.Home work
3.Class work
4.Group Activity/Experiments
5.Individual Activity
*FA 4 will be conducted on the similar lines
*Syllabus for
SA 2 (March 2010) is available on CBSE website and known to students also. FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT (FA)

Formative assessment includes all types of tests, formal and informal. Assessment can be done during the teaching process or after completing a unit. It includes :

Class work | Quizzes | Home work | Worksheets | Oral test | Assignment | Group discussion | Group activity | Experiments | Projects | Conversation/ Interview

The record of FA will be maintained by the class teacher and subject teachers.


This is the most traditional way of testing that is paper pen test based on the curriculum taught during the specified time period. The question paper of SA will be set by the CBSE.

The centre of examination will be the child’s own school. Answer sheets will be checked by the school teachers.